Password Reset Options

  1. Receive Password Reset Link Via Email/Text - The system will send a password link to the following:
    • An email to the student email address on record
    • An email to the parent email address on record (if a parent email was provided)
    • A text to the student's cell phone (if the student cell phone and carrier were provided)
  2. If the emails and text are not being received please check the spam/junk folder. Some email servers may block emails from (some school district servers will block all external emails). If you do not receive any of the emails/text above, you can try one of the other options
  3. Reset the Password Using the Challenge Question - Use this if you do not remember your password AND no longer have access to the email we have on record or you are not receiving a password reset email. The answer must match the answer provided when registering exactly (spelling, capitalization, spaces, etc.)
  4. Send Request to School to Reset the Password - Use this if you cannot use either of the options above, but know this will take more time as it requires action by school staff who are often busy and work only during school hours.